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My written goals

My written goals


3-5 years: To work internationally for an Orange County/LA based financial firm while earning enough money to cover family expenses as well as amass wealth.

5-10 years: Begin moving into business for myself based on large, institutional size clients while having fun investing my wealth.

10-20 years and beyond: Cruise on all the building I’ve done to consistently beat client expectations while using my wealth to help my extended family.  Also be prevalent in the philanthropic societies all over the world.

Education/Professional Development

Pursue some sort of professional certification relevant to the line of work I end up in.

Volunteer Community Service

Yes, participate in these types of activities assuming they are in line with my personal value system.  Perhaps one day start a free Dog owner training program that teaches people ethical treatment of their pets.


Stay devoted to my parents.  Find a supportive and reliable husband who has the same values to have healthy kids and a white picket fence with, etc. etc.

Health and physical condition

Stay in shape, eat well, and continue to belly dance and do yoga.  Also establish better habit when living in foreign countries and traveling.


Get rich/wealthy and stay rich/wealthy.  Practice sound financial planning and teach others how to avoid them draining me dry.  Maintain net worth of +1 million.

Hobbies and Pleasure

Win a belly dance competition, buy a bunch of profitable properties to furnish and decorate for tenants, buy a boat, buy a new motor home for my parents, support my husband’s interests, travel the world as often as possible and make a profit while doing it, add more to this list as needed.